Does Tile Refinishing Really Work?

Tile Refinishing Blue

If you are in the process of home improvements you have probably heard that tile refinishing is much cheaper than replacing the tile completely. However, you have probably also heard the old adage: “You get what you pay for.” which means that sometimes, even though things are cheap, they may not be worth it. Your home is not something you want to take risks with so we are here to help you decide whether or not tile refinishing is worth it or not.

The main concern that people have with refinished tile is how long it will last. This is where refinishing tile and painting tile is extremely different. When you paint tile, you will experience chipping and flaking and you will have to repaint within a couple of years. However, refinished tile is just as durable if not more durable than the tile itself when it is done properly and fully cured.

Because tile refinishing covers everything including the grout, it is much easier to clean than it was before. This is because the refinisher fills in all of the tiny, almost invisible pores that ceramic naturally has. The small pores are what makes your tile look dingy even right after it has been washed. When the tile is refinished it will come cleaner and look better after it is washed. Tile refinishing also removes the risk of mold and mildew that has the tendency to grow in grout because of the moisture that seeps into the pores.

One of the things that makes tile refinishing better than completely replacing it is that it isn’t as lengthy a process. When you replace tile there is a lot of steps and it is a long project but refinishing is something that only takes four to five hours from start to finish if you know what you’re doing and there are no complications.

Overall, unless you are completely set on replacing the tile entirely, refinishing it is a completely reasonable option. You will be surprised by the quality of the finished product and the lasting power that it provides.


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