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Whether you need new safety precautions in your bathroom or a tile refinishing to bring back the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, we’re confident that America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing are the right service to get the job done. Being one of the leading bathtub refinishing businesses in Florida, we have a responsibility to keep our standards high and provide a service that we know our customers need. Countertop refinishing, sink refinishing, we are ready to fresh up your home whenever you need us to, using quick but extremely effective methods.

Bathtub Refinishing

A bathtub reglazing will bring back your old bathtub’s aesthetic appeal, as it was brand new! Our multi-step process involves a precise plan with a course of action that will start with the sanding process which has one goal, to create a smooth surface before the following work phases take place. This is followed by the repair, during which we will correct any little scratch and cracks, achieving a surface that is as smooth and flawless as the original. This is followed up by the top coating, which is an extremely durable, shiny layer that will be perfect both from a practical and an aesthetic standpoint. There are a lot of possible choices here, depending on which color and material you would like us to use.

Tile Refinishing

Just like when it comes bathtub refinishing, sometimes it makes sense not to replace the tiles, instead repair and reglaze them. This usually happens on-site using state of the art methods that allow us to bring back the original colors and aesthetic appeal of the tiles, along with their practical qualities.

Before And After

Countertop Refinishing

Whether we are talking about a kitchen or a bathroom countertop, we are ready to restore them to their previous qualities including looks and practicality. Our multi-step renovation program includes correcting any physical damage, even the slightest of cracks or scratches. This all takes place before giving it a special coating and a finish of your selection. The end result will be an aesthetic quality that can only be rivaled by brand new, fresh-out-of-the-package products.

Sink Refinishing

We know full well just how important a sink is both from an aesthetic and a practical standpoint. No matter how beautiful your bathroom is, the aesthetic appeal is easily gone with a broken sink with stains on it. No matter how careful you are, with use, the sink will change its color and outer surface. This is unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean we have to accept it. With the help of our renowned service, you will be able to restore your kitchen or bathroom sink to its previous glory.

Bathtub Safety

With our efficient safety step method, we will be able to change your bathtub into a very safe step in the shower where the chance of a slippage or an accident occurring because of the high step in, will be greatly reduced. Our safety step – along with a handrail will offer you a combination of safety and practical qualities – cannot be rivaled by traditional solutions.

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