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    Did you know that bathroom falls are one of the major causes of accidents among people with limited mobility? Getting in and out of a bathtub with a high stepover is often a dangerous situation for many seniors and can often make living at one’s own home difficult or nearly impossible.

    According to a recent study by the Council of Aging, more than 250,000 accidents occur each year in Americans aged 60 years or older in and around the bathtub area. Two-thirds of adults that fall in the bathtub area will fall again within six months.

    Traditionally the only answer was to rip out the bathtub and install a separate shower at significant expense, bother, and mess. That’s why we’re so pleased to offer you two options. A Safeway Step conversion eliminates the high step-over of your bathtub allowing you to safely enter and exit when showering. This is our most cost-effective solution for a tub-to-shower conversion in Miami, FL. Our trained professionals courteously and conveniently handle your installation so you’re free to use your new step-in shower the very next day.

    Our expert installers will measure your bathtub opening and cut out the required area. Then they’ll install your new step securely in place. If you would also like us to install grab bars we can normally do these services at the same time (at an additional charge.) Call us or fill out our estimate form to enjoy the pleasures of a Safeway Step-in shower in your home!

    Here’s Why a Safeway Step conversion makes life more enjoyable.

    • Reduces the possibility of falls
    • Saves thousands of dollars over the typical cost of a full bathtub replacement
    • Works with existing fiberglass, steel, or cast iron bathtub
    • Professional installation by our trained installers
    • No days or weeks of disruption to your bathroom

    Before And After

    Did you know that bathroom accidents are one of the most common accidents that can happen to you at your home, especially to the elderly? People with limited mobility are in an even bigger danger. Bathtub Safety-Step Miami is the leading solution in bathroom safety, so you and your loved can enjoy the relaxing bathroom environment in the safest possible way.

    We won’t have to eliminate the bathtub

    The usual method for reducing the risks is eliminating the bathtub altogether, but in our humble opinion, that shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all solution when it comes to bathroom safety, and we prefer to not use this drastic solution. Sure, a bathtub is more dangerous than a shower, and for people with severely limited mobility, the bathtub doesn’t always make a lot of sense from a safety standpoint. We can do offer you a solution that works even in those cases, but it’s never our go to plan. Instead, America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing have a rather cost-effective alternative.

    Our solution is installing a safety step that will take away having to step over the bathtub, which is the most dangerous part of the bathing process, and the phase when the vast majority of bathroom accidents happen. This, combined with the installation of handrails, will create an extremely safe environment, even for those with hip and leg problems. This of course will depend on the exact medical condition, but our solution is a very fitting one for the vast majority of the cases.

    Our solution makes a lot of sense for you from a financial standpoint

    Taking out a bathtub and installing a standing shower is a financially taxing procedure, not to mention very messy and time-consuming. Taking out the tub, buying the shower, the installation, tile work and the list could go on and on. It just doesn’t make sense unless you also want a bathroom remodeling as well, in which case the place will be destroyed either way.

    If your goal is to have a safer step-in bathtub or shower, you want to leave it all intact and install a safety step. Bathtub Safety-Step Florida is the right kind of service to pull that off for you, even under a pressing deadline, all for an extremely competitive price. Safety should always be our number one priority regardless of age and physical condition.

    The top 5 reasons why making that change could make sense for you

    • We will create a safer environment for you. The installation of a safety step and handrails allow for a safe step-in even for those who have some kind of medical condition that negatively affects their mobility.
    • We will help you save money. The traditional method is simply not cost-effective. Taking out the bathtub to install a step-in shower at its place is a time and money consuming endeavor. It really only makes sense for people with severe hip problems, or after hip replacement surgery when raising the legs is virtually impossible, but there are actually safety step solutions that can offer a legitimate alternative even in those cases.
    • We can install it on any bathtubs. The safety step can be installed, regardless of the material of your bathtub
    • Our process is quick. A quick and thorough installation process that will leave you with top notch quality.
    • We will be in and out of your hair in no time. With our quick and effective methods, you won’t have to experience what it’s like when your bathroom is destroyed and you are not being able to use it for days.
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