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    Bathtub Reglazing In Miami & Fort Lauderdale

    Replacing an existing bathtub is time-consuming, and expensive, and typically, the new tub will not have the quality of the original.

    You can give your bathroom in Miami or Broward a refreshing new look without having to go through the hassle of replacing your bathtub, tiles, sinks, or even your kitchen counters. We can change outdated colors, repair cracked tiles, reconstruct badly rusted areas, or simply refinish your dull-looking bathtub or sink in just a few hours. Using state-of-the-art technology, the specialists at America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Corp. are experts in Bathtub Reglazing, we are well-trained and experienced in the following services:

    • Bathtub Reglazing
    • Tile Reglazing
    • Sink Reglazing
    • Countertop Reglazing
    • & More

    The average cost for tub replacement is between $1,200 to $3,000! That is because the plumbing will be compromised, floors and walls will have to be ripped out, and don’t forget to add the cost of labor. For this reason, Bathtub refinishing is a great way to save costs!

    Did you know liners can cost as much as replacing a tub, and that they tend to accumulate water in between the liner and the original bathtub? This can lead to unhealthy mold and mildew and create obnoxious odor problems due to the stagnant water. Using state-of-the-art technology, America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Corp. can easily repair and refinish your bathtub in a matter of hours with our Bathtub Refinishing & Bathtub Reglazing services. Why wait days or even weeks for expensive liners or replacements?

    Before And After

    Can you do a reglazing on a tub that has already been reglazed?

    Yes, a bathtub that was refinished before can be refinished again. We just need to strip the old material completely to make sure we work on the original surface. Plus, our Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing services are more durable than what the competition offers.

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