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    At America Bathtub, we offer a full menu of refinishing and restoration services to help Hialeah homeowners update, modernize, and transform their bathrooms. Your bathroom should be a relaxing space that you love and can retreat to after a long day. However, many homeowners put off making changes to their bathrooms due to the high costs and time associated with bathroom renovations and remodels. We offer tile refinishing in Hialeah, bathtub refinishing in Hialeah, and more. Our licensed and insured specialists have years of experience bringing innovative bathroom refinishing solutions like tile refinishing services to Hialeah homeowners.

    Countertop Refinishing in Hialeah Done Right

    There are a lot of reasons you may be looking into renovating or updating your bathroom, maybe the tile is outdated, or your tub is a color that doesn’t match your style or aesthetic. It could be that due to wear and tear, your fixtures are stained, chipped, or dull-looking. Maybe your shower enclosure is cracked or in need of repair. Whatever the reason, total replacements can become costly, and those kinds of remodels can eat away at your time and budget. With premium refinishing services from America Bathtub, you can instantly transform and restore your bathroom in as little as one day with tile refinishing in Hialeah, bathtub refinishing in Hialeah, and countertop refinishing in Hialeah.

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    We are the Tile Refinishing Hialeah Professionals!

    Our tile, bathtub, and countertop refinishing services are performed by our industry-leading technicians and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles guaranteed to match any design style you’re looking to achieve. Bathtub refinishing in Hialeah allows you to change the color of your bathtub as well as restore it to its like-new condition, adding up to a decade to the life of your existing fixtures. Our premium countertop refinishing in Hialeah and tile refinishing in Hialeah are the perfect option for all of your home’s tile and countertops. We are in the business of offering our customers beautiful, affordable, and impactful solutions to their bathroom and tile updates and remodels.

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    From expert and precise tile refinishing in Hialeah to innovative solutions like our bathtub safety step in Hialeah, America Bathtub is your top-rated provider of refinishing and restoration services. Our skilled craftsmen also specialize in vintage and antique fixture restorations, including clawfoot tubs and pedestal sinks. No matter what your goals on for your next bathroom project, start with a call to America Bathtub. Our revolutionary bathtub safety step was designed to be an accessible, fast, and affordable way to convert your existing tub for easy access. Many of our customers are unable to use their bathtub showers due to age, an accident, or a disability. Our bathtub safety step in Hialeah is installed in one day and is a fraction of the cost of replacing your tub altogether.

    To learn more about our professional shower door installation in Hialeah or our full menu of premium refinishing services, call or visit America Bathtub today. We always offer free estimates on all of our refinishing services and look forward to discussing your options with you. A new, clean, beautiful bathroom is within reach, and it starts with a call to the experts at America Bathtub.

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