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    America Bathtub Homestead

    If you need a bathtub reglazing in Homestead or you want your countertop to regain its former aesthetic appeal and durability, we are confident that at American Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Corp we have what it takes to offer you a lasting and beautiful solution. Refinishing makes a lot of sense because those methods can recreate that brand new look that you are after a while, also resetting the clock on your product’s finite durability. This is important because many think that reglazing is just that, an aesthetic tune-up while in reality it will add years to that particular accessory’s longevity.

    Our service is renowned for the quality of the work that we do which stems from our collective experience. Each and every one of our team members has quite a bit of experience working in this field which allowed them to perfect their niche during the years. If you need a bathtub refinishing in Homestead or you want us to refinish your kitchen tiles, we can offer you a top notch service for a very competitive price.

    Before And After

    Bathtub refinishing:

    If you need bathtub repair in Homestead, our multi-step bathtub refinishing program allows us to deliver a standard that rivals any brand new bathtub’s quality. You will get a tub that will look and feel brand new because essentially it will be. On top of that there is a very good chance that we will be able to do the work on-site which is a lot more cost-effective for you.

    Tile refinishing:

    Just like with the bathtub reglazing, our tile refinishing methods allow us to end up with something that delivers the aesthetic appeal and longevity of freshly put down tiles. Ceramic tile refinishing is the only lasting and effective solution that will bring back the qualities that you want to see and feel when you step into your bathroom.

    Countertop refinishing:

    Countertops are extremely important whether they are in the bathroom or the kitchen. We use them to prepare food or prepare ourselves for our beauty sleep. Essentially, they are part of our everyday life and we want them to look good and feel just right. Replacing one however is often a very taxing procedure both from a time and a money standpoint. Our methods will help you in avoiding that.

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