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    How Long Does Bathtub Refinishing Last?

    Bathtubs accumulate bacteria which in turn settles into the material of your tub. Over time this bacteria will begin to deteriorate the structural integrity and aesthetic quality of your bathtub. When you notice this process beginning to happen it may be time for you to consider getting your bathtub refinished. Bathtub refinishing is a process that uses different chemical substances and tools in order restore tubs to their original condition. The reason that many people refinish their bathtubs instead of replacing them is because it costs significantly less. How Does it Work? Many people have questions about bathtub refinishing and luckily we’ve got the answers. One of the most common questions is “How does it work?”, the process used in refinishing bathtubs is very simple. The technician applies a custom liquid that is formulated specifically for the purpose of refinishing tubs. Once the solution is applied a specialized tool is used to buff the old surface which removes dirt and other bacteria. Get Help From a Professional If you’re located near the Miami, FL area and need help with bathtub refinishing, you may want to consider contacting America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing in order to get the help you need. America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing is a professional bathtub refinishing company who offers a wide range of high quality restoration options. If you would like to learn more information about their services and pricing options then visit their website or call. Bathtub refinishing jobs can last up to 15yrs depending on how well you take care of the tub after the restoration. This makes bathtub refinishing a very effective and affordable way to make your bathtub look brand new without spending a dime on a new tub. You will love the results of your refinishing job so contact America Bathtub…

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    Benefits of Bathtub Reglazing

    Bathtubs are an essential part of our daily lives being that is the central location for hygiene within our home. Over time your bathtub will begin to degrade in quality with cracks and discoloration beginning to form. Replacing an entire bathtub using the traditional methods can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. If you want to save money when it comes to fixing your bathtub issues, then you may want to consider bathtub reglazing. Process of Reglazing Bathtub reglazing is a process which uses chemicals and cleaning agents to restore bathtubs to their original condition. Replacing entire bathtubs can be quite a tedious and costly process. While you can find cheap bathtubs at local home improvement stores you must consider the costs of a plumber, landfill fees, tilers and more which will make the entire price skyrocket. Most people are skeptical about bathroom reglazing methods due to the fact that many people aren’t exactly sure what it is. Like every good business owner, the main goal of contractors is to make money. Remodeling businesses have high operating costs due to manual labor fees, equipment and many other factors. Bathtub Reglazing Saves You Money This is a large reason why most contractors do not recommend bathtub reglazing to their customers, it cuts into their profit. Because of that, you the customer need to be educated about all of the alternative options you can choose from before deciding to completely replace your bathtub. If you need some assistance with finding a resolution to your bathtub issues, consider going online and doing some research about local bathtub reglazing service providers like America Bathtub who will be able to guide you through all of the information you need to know.

    Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub

    If you start to notice that the quality of your bathtub is beginning to degrade you have a couple of options to choose from in order to resolve the issue which is either to refinish or replace your bathtub. Many people instantly jump to the assumption that once a bathtub begins to degrade in quality they must replace it. This is not true however due to a very effective and cost-efficient repair method known as refinishing. Refinishing Your Bathtub Refinishing is a reparation method that uses proprietary cleaning solutions in addition to specially formulated bonding agents. These special chemicals allow bathtub restoration service providers to fully restore old bathtubs and return them to their old condition with ease. When you notice that your bathtub is declining in condition it can be difficult to determine whether it’s best to totally replace or simply restore your bathtub. Even cracks and chips in your bathtubs’ surface can be repaired so these are not sole reasons that warrant a complete replacement of your bathtub. Due to the fact that refinishing methods have become highly advanced in recent years the need for totally replacing your bathtub has become almost nonexistent. Replacing Your Bathtub In some cases where there is extreme damage or faulty pipe work beneath the surface you may want to consider totally replacing your bathtub. However, if you simply want to change the color or remove set-in dirt from your bathtubs surface then refinishing may be the best method to choose. In conclusion, every situation is obviously going to be different however if you notice a structural issue in your bathtub assess how large the problem truly is. If your pipes are not squeaking and throwing out discolored water then bathtub refinishing may be the best option for you. If the problems you...

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    Bathtub Refinishing Equipment & Supplies

    Just like any appliance or machine, time and consistent use can begin to take its toll on the overall quality of your bathtub. In past decades it was common to just replace your bathtub when you begin to notice signs of material deterioration. However, in today’s time there are many more options which you can choose from to resolve issues affecting your bathtub without having to resort to completely replacing the unit. Get the Job Done This process is known as refinishing or reglazing and takes place by using a variety of different chemical agents. If you plan on refinishing your bathtub independently or want to cut down on costs associated with the process, it’s best that you know what type of tools you will need in order to get the job done. Below we’re going to detail some of the tools that you’ll need to successfully complete a bathtub refinishing job. Tools Needed: Fisheye Eliminator- this helps eliminate the holes that pop up through new paint applications. This will help the new paint go on smoothly and it removes aesthetic issues with the paint itself. Facemask- this will help keep your lungs safe from potential pollutants that may lie within the substances used to complete the refinishing process. Air filter- this will remove any loose particles in the air which may arise due to the refinishing process. HVLP Spray Gun- this will allow you to easily apply a new bathtub coating easily. This tool also makes sure that the coating is evenly applied in order to avoid lumps in the finished surface. 3M PPS Paint Preparation System- this will allow you to properly prepare all the required substances needed in order to complete your refinishing job successfully. These tools are the most important components required in order to successfully...

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    What Are The Dangers Of DIY Bathtub Refinishing

    Bathtub refinishing can extend a tub’s life and is considerably cheaper than purchasing and installing a new tub. It saves some money and avoids the hassle of bringing in a new one and taking out the old.  It may be a tempting project for do-it-yourselfers. If you are tempted to DIY refinish your bathtub, don’t! There are some minor problems, and a major danger that you must be aware of. There are several minor problems. A DIY project may not have proper equipment, such as the tools needed to get a smooth finish, something you can’t do with a brush or roller. The surface may take 24 or more hours to dry, with a temptation to use the tub before it is ready. Chemicals used in stripping agents to remove the old surface are powerful. If spilled they could damage bathroom tiling or other surfaces. Spilled chemicals or chemical vapors could easily harm pets or small children accidentally intruding on the work scene. The major problem? The project can kill you. The Centers for Disease Control has documented at least 14 deaths from the chemicals used in bathtub refinishing since the year 2000, due to the presence of methylene chloride in some cleaning solutions. This chemical is extremely dangerous, and fumes readily leak into the air. Breathing it can cause lung damage and it can be fatal. Even short term exposure can affect the nervous system. Knowing that the materials are dangerous and must be used very carefully is not enough. Methylene chloride vapor is a killer. Most bathrooms are small enclosed spaces, not well ventilated. Bathroom fans and open bathroom windows do not provide enough ventilation. America Bathtub advises you that refinishing a bathtub is a job you should leave to professionals. Hire professionals who know the dangers of...

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    Does Tile Refinishing Really Work?

    If you are in the process of home improvements you have probably heard that tile refinishing is much cheaper than replacing the tile completely. However, you have probably also heard the old adage: “You get what you pay for.” which means that sometimes, even though things are cheap, they may not be worth it. Your home is not something you want to take risks with so we are here to help you decide whether or not tile refinishing is worth it or not. The main concern that people have with refinished tile is how long it will last. This is where refinishing tile and painting tile is extremely different. When you paint tile, you will experience chipping and flaking and you will have to repaint within a couple of years. However, refinished tile is just as durable if not more durable than the tile itself when it is done properly and fully cured. Because tile refinishing covers everything including the grout, it is much easier to clean than it was before. This is because the refinisher fills in all of the tiny, almost invisible pores that ceramic naturally has. The small pores are what makes your tile look dingy even right after it has been washed. When the tile is refinished it will come cleaner and look better after it is washed. Tile refinishing also removes the risk of mold and mildew that has the tendency to grow in grout because of the moisture that seeps into the pores. One of the things that makes tile refinishing better than completely replacing it is that it isn’t as lengthy a process. When you replace tile there is a lot of steps and it is a long project but refinishing is something that only takes four to five hours from start to...

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    What Are The Different Options For Refinishing Your Bathtub?

    Home improvements can be extremely expensive and replacing an entire bathtub can be way up on the list as far as price goes. One way to give the bathroom the effect of a new bathtub without the price tag is to simply refinish the tub. This is a possible option if your tub is porcelain, fiberglass, or cast-iron but not if it is plastic or the like. The size of the job will vary indefinitely. It may be necessary to refinish the entire tub in some cases whereas in others it could only be small areas of the tub. It all depends on the level of damage and how worn out your bathtub is before the project is started. Refinishing a tub is like refinishing a car in a few ways. Damaged and uneven surfaces are etched and sometimes filled with putty, the tub is primed, then painted with a special enamel. You will be shocked at the before and after of your bathtub. Sometimes even a good, old polish can bring your tub back to its former glory. The best option for refinishing your bathtub is to hire a trained professional to do the job for you. This will ensure that the end product is something that you can be proud of and you don’t run the risk of completely screwing up the entire tub. A professional will use better quality materials then you can find for DIY refinishing and they will do a more thorough job overall. Another option is to do it yourself with a refinishing kit that you can find at hardware stores. However, this is not the best option because it can end up disastrous if you don’t know what you’re doing. The finish can bubble or not adhere all together if the tub is...

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    Using a Cost Effective Alternative Doesn’t Mean You Have to Sacrifice Quality When It Comes To Tile Refinishing

    When your tile starts to look dull and outdated you might decide that you want to update it and bring a new look to your space. The problem comes in when you see how much it costs to get all of the old tile torn out and replaced. That price tag is enough to make anyone decide that they would much rather just keep the outdated tiles. There is a much easier and more affordable option that will look just as amazing and last a long time. That option is to refinish the tiles instead of replacing them completely. This may seem daunting to someone who has never done it or never seen what it can look like in the end. In recent years, the products sold that help you refinish your tiles have greatly improved in both the lasting power and the finished look. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the same quality in the finished product. There are different ways to refinish tiles and some of the options out there definitely last longer than others. For example, there is a huge difference between simply painting the tiles and actually taking the steps to properly refinish them. Painting is generally not a good option because it doesn’t look as good from the beginning and it doesn’t last as long. The first thing you should remember to do is prep the tub and the surrounding area by cleaning and covering anything that you don’t want covered in the refinishing product. Secondly, you’ll need to sand the bathtub to remove the old finish and create a surface for the new finish to adhere to. You will also have to repair any cracks or rust. You will then be ready to finish it. After...

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    How Can You Make Your Bathtub Look Great Again Without Replacing it? Refinish It!

    Bathrooms are the room in the house that get grungy looking and outdated the fastest. This is why they are one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in a house. One of the first and biggest things you see in a bathroom is the bathtub. However, replacing the entire bathtub is an expensive and difficult task and oftentimes goes unfinished. So many people have wondered if there is a better option and lucky for us there is. Refinishing your bathtub is the number one way to completely change the look of it or just make it look brand new. It takes a lot less effort, time, and money to refinish a bathtub versus replacing it. One of the best things is that you can do it yourself, so you don’t need to pay for labor as well as supplies. However easy this job might be, there are also steps that have to be taken to ensure that it is done properly. If not you will end up needing to redo it and it will become a bigger expense than you originally bargained for. That is why, if you plan to do it on your own, you should follow the appropriate steps. The first thing you should remember to do is prep the tub and the surrounding area by cleaning and covering anything that you don’t want covered in the refinishing product. Secondly, you’ll need to sand the bathtub to remove the old finish and create a surface for the new finish to adhere to. You will also have to repair any cracks or rust. You will then be ready to finish it. After that is done you will need to let it cure for the amount of time on the specific product you use. Which is usually at least twenty-four...

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    Miami Bathroom Ideas: Should I Replace or Refinish?

    Miami Bathroom Ideas: Should I Replace or Refinish? When your bathroom needs a makeover you have two main options: save or splurge. The pick between the two can be more difficult than you think and relying on your contractor might backfire as well: even experts have difficulties when it comes to deciding what stays and what goes. We here at America Bathtub and Tile Refinishing pride ourselves on helping to empower our clients make the best educated decision possible. To help you decide, here is a small guide on how to go through the process. Which items are the most valuable? The first thing you have to decide before starting a makeover project is which are the elements you are fond of. For example, you may have an amazing mirror which sits on the backsplash. For a simple project of tile refinishing in Miami you won't have any problems preserving the mirror; if you want to change the countertop, the mirror is also going to suffer. In our case, your makeover is going to evolve around the mirror, which means other elements in the bathroom can go, but the mirror stays. The value of an item can be financial or emotional. Decorate or design in Miami? The first thing you have to decide before starting a makeover project is which are the elements you are fond of. For example, you may have an amazing mirror which sits on the backsplash. For a simple project of tile refinishing in Miami you won't have any problems preserving the mirror; if you want to change the countertop, the mirror is also going to suffer. In our case, your makeover is going to evolve around the mirror, which means other elements in the bathroom can go, but the mirror stays. The value of an item can be financial or emotional....

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    Why America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Is the Best Choice in Broward, FL

    Tile Refinishing Broward, FL Nowadays, the bathrooms of almost of all the houses have bathtubs, and obviously, people make maximum use of this item while they are in the bathroom. Every object is prone to deterioration and so the bathtubs are also likely to be worn out because of its usage. To solve the leakage and breakage of the bathtubs, there are several professionals, who can bring back the new condition of the bathtub. Bathtubs must be kept in the best condition, not merely to get better bathing experience, but also to avoid the negative impression regarding the house. America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing is one of the best companies in Broward, Fl, as it can eliminate all the stains, rust and scratches from your bathtub. Repairing of bathtub- Bathtub repair is a very significant step in refinishing the tub. If it is a small crack, then the professionals would use only some filler to get rid of the crack. But, if it is a long crack, then them job may be a complex one. Regardless of the level of complexity of this renovation work, the basic initiatives are similar. America Bathtub repairing services will hear your needs with high interest and offer you a free estimate for the necessary work. Bathtub Paint- Painting of bathtub can be an extremely inexpensive way to accomplish a bathtub refinishing job. However, it should be noted that painting a bathtub is never a long term solution of an issue. Due to the materials applied with bathtub paint, the ultimate outcome is not as strong as other options of refinishing. It does not mean that you should keep away from painting bathtub. If painting fulfills your refinishing requirements, then it possibly is the excellent choice for you. America Bathtub experts will coat your tub with high quality paints. Bathtub Reglazing- It is possibly a common...

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    When should I consider installing a bathtub safety step in Sunrise, FL?

    Bathtub Refinisher Miami, FL More than seventy percent of household accidents take place in the bathroom.  But, this figure mostly pertains to the aged persons.  It is a fact that your body will become less responsive with the growth of age. If you are one of the elderly persons, or your loved ones have become aged, it is essential to recognize all the different safety devices, which may be fitted in a bathroom in order to help in preventing household accidents. The aged persons and the kids face no risk with the safety step Bathtub safety step is one such item that can add protection and firmness while you are getting in or out of a bathtub. It has a textured top, which is resistant to slip, and the rubberized feet of the product enable the users to boldly climb over the wall of tub of, even in damp conditions. Besides, the additional steps may be installed on top, inserting two inches for every step. These steps can support maximum 418 pounds. Seniors may get stuck in the bathtubs. Here, bath lifts will prevent it. These are electric powered or water powered lifts, which will move an individual from sitting down to base of the tub and back out once more. These lifts are perhaps the only means to get down into their bathtub for people, who cannot physically handle everything easily. They not only assist a senior to take pleasure in a nice bath, buy also enhance security of getting out of the tub. For kids also, there is a need to install safety step stools or toddler’s bathroom accessories. Thus, all these devices are really the cost effective solution because you do not need to replace anything. Install the step with the professionals The trained professionals of America Bathtub...

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    What Makes A Great Bathtub Refinisher In Miami, FL?

    Bathtub Refinisher Miami, FL House renovation requires more than making plans about budget and how the project will unveil. Renovation means research to find the right person to provide quality services or to give practical advice, if you plan on doing the job yourself. So what does it take for a bathtub refinisher to be eligible? Brand reputation An important company providing services such as America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing will always look after its reputation. If you heard good things about the company delivering the services, it may be because that company can’t take risks to hire incompetent handymen. Pick a company with at least five years worth of experience in the field. It doesn’t take long for word to spread. Portfolio: Services and Customers Check out the company website to see what kind of services it provides. A reputable company working in the field of kitchen and bathroom renovation will also perform bathtub refinishing, bathtub repair services as well as sink refinishing and tile floor restoration. Companies providing full services also offer consultancy regarding bathroom accessories such as bathtub safety step to improve both safety conditions and the bathing experience. Look into former customers as well. It might help to know whom they worked with previously. Browsing through online reviews Do you know a better way to pick the right refinishing company, other than reading what people say about it? I don’t. Satisfied customers will want to share their bathtub refinishing experience. And so will less pleased customers. Make a balance between good and bad reviews and see which ones weigh the most. It will surely help you with your decision regarding the best company to deliver bathtub repair services. The money factor In the end, it all comes down to costs. Different companies will apply different charges,...

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    Quality Is Top Priority At America Bathtub Refinishing In Coral Gables, FL

    Bathtub Refinishing Coral Gables, FL We often look for constantly improving our living standard. Some focus on their own being, while others consider that investing in their home in order to increase their level of comfort is the right way to do it. Home renovations can mean a lot of things. Some start with the bathroom since they believe it represents the mirror of the house. Make up a plan Before making dramatic changes, you need a plan. Consider how you want your bath to look like. Are you ready to replace the entire setting? Or do you just want you bathtub and sink to look like brand new? Analyzing your expectations will help you prepare for what is coming next. Evaluate costs Find out what bathtub refinishing involves. What do you need to buy? Here at, America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing we take care of the most complex tasks, from refinishing our customers’ dull looking bathtubs or sinks to bathtub repair operations such as reconstructing badly rusted areas. All of this can be done faster than you can say bathtub refinishing. Consider family members Having seniors around the house is often a bit tricky. With age come specific needs. If you are worried that elderly family members can trip and get hurt in the bathroom, consider purchasing a bathtub safety step. A bathtub safety step will also keep crippled dear ones away from unwanted accidents. The element of surprise Many times when we prepare to perform a certain task, something is bound to happen. Whether we are talking about common mold issues or cracks in the structure of the walls, you need to have in mind that things might not go so smoothly. Priorities might change, thus increasing your costs. For that reason, it’s a good idea to calculate...

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    Take Care Of All Your Countertop Refinishing Needs in Pembroke Pines, FL

    Pembroke Pines Countertop Refinishing Your bathroom always needs the same level of attention that you give to your bedroom or living room.  Bathroom is such a place, which is used by every member of a family on a regular basis. Pretty appearance of your bathroom can change the look of your house. When you wish to relax in a bath tub, the scruffy and unpleasant ambience of your bathroom may dampen your active spirits. However, at the same time, the bath tub and the tiles of bathroom need to be in perfect condition. Remove scratches from tubs Blemishes, scratches and corrosion on your bathtubs may be irritating. These are not only unhygienic but also unappealing to an eye. One may consider replacing the complete set up to get new ones. Generally, they do not think of reconstructing the surface to have the look they want. Remember that refinishing is quite cheaper than replacement. You only need to choose the bathtub refinishing business like America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing in Pembroke Pines, FL. The surface of the item and its materials may be refinished. The materials generally include fiberglass, cast iron, cultured marble, steel, metals and plastics. Whatever be the material, the professionals can give the best results to give the new look. You need to get your tub primed, painted or repaired. By selecting the right color, the professionals give a new exciting look. Moreover, they can also carry out bathtub repair jobs that can be done on all kinds of porcelain tubs. How countertops are cleaned by the service providers Besides looking after the bathtubs and tiles the experts can take care of all the countertops refinishing jobs. A countertop that is refinished by the professional team will have the same stability as a new one. Moreover, unlike a new...

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    Importance of Bathroom Refinishing and Remodeling In Ft Lauderdale Fl

    Ft Lauderdale Bathroom Refinishing and Remodeling Pros When people consider remodeling their houses, they often think of bathroom redesigning as the foremost task. This is for the reason that bathrooms are likely to be effective in both generating and spoiling the interest of house buyers. In the earlier days, the bathrooms focus more on function more than on style. But, modern bathrooms highlight both the function and distinctive styles. If the bathroom has not a good shape, then it would create negative feeling in the visitors’ mind. Bathroom modernization may involve a full renovation method or a minor reorganization of various elements. Modern-day bathrooms consist of many elements, such as, bathroom furnishings, vanity sets, bathroom accessories and many more. With the development of technologies, qualitative improvement is seen in floor tiles, wall tiles, faucets, mirrors and also the floor rugs. Intensive redesigning entails tile refinishing and replacement of plumbing. Bathtub repair or replacement is also another option of bathroom renovation. You may opt for porcelain, plastic or steel tubs. In case of repairing the cracks, you have to choose the proper filler material. Or, you may better call bathtub refinishing experts for removing the stains and cracks of the tub. Here are some reasons for which bathroom restructuring project is essential- Increased value of home A recent research has proved that the house owners generally recoup eighty percent of the investment in bathroom redesigning at resale. It makes bathroom renewal one of the greatest ways to enhance the worth of your house. You can get back all your money when you make a plan of reselling it. However, it should be remembered that if you do not finish your bathtub resurfacing or bathroom renewing project or you do not accomplish it the right mode, you may really end up in some worse...

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    Tile Refinishing Company In Pompano Beach, FL

    Tile refinishing in a kitchen or bathroom can save you lots of money. Often, the older houses have striking tiles in their room, but the colors of those become faded. And, at this point, you need to polish the tiles. The reglazing method may be completed within one day if you hire experts. Give a new polish to your tiles during the tile refinishing process Besides, refinishing the ceramic tile on the walls and countertops is not only economical but also practical option. Buying new tiles for replacement can be pricey, and the process of elimination and installation can also be a great hassle. When you have cracked or damaged tile in your bathroom or when you need to improve the color of the tiles, you can give a call to America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing. The staff of this company in Pompano Beach, FL are ready to do any tile refinishing job. Generally, specialized fillers or some compounds are used to fill in all the cracks, gaps, or also missing grout lines. When the reglazing procedure is executed, your tile will appear as brand new ones and will be simple to clean with a liquid cleaner. Refinishing eliminates the lines of caulk and grout Caulk and grout- both of these have porous substances, and are prone to accumulating mold or mildew that can be hard to clean. So, by blending the bathtub refinishing process with tile resurfacing, the expert can remove the hard-to-clean grout and caulk lines, therefore improving the look of your lavatory and making the cleaning job a bit easier. Before the tile refinishing method, bathtub repair experts will refurbish any dented or missing caulking. Then, they can refinish the tile as well as the bathtub at the same time, creating a consistent, water-tight painting. There will...

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    How to Find a Professional Bathtub and Tile Refinisher in Coral Gables, FL

    How to Find a Professional Bathtub and Tile Refinisher in Coral Gables, FL Taking care of your bathroom materials and equipment provides beneficial home improvement projects that you must undertake at regular intervals. This way, the bathroom remains an enjoyable and hygienic space and adds a lot of value to your house. But it is equally foolish to spend a whole lot of money on replacement goods when you can give them a face-lift with affordable tile and bathtub refinishing works from America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing to achieve the same results. Refinishing is a smart option if you are on a budget a there is no need to take out tiles, sinks and bathtubs leaving behind marks and damages. If you have dull surfaces that are scratched and stained and tiles that have developed cracks, it is time you hired a professional bathtub and tile refinisher. The contractor will provide you with warranties, thus giving you peace of mind once the project is completed. After your bathtub repair and tile refinishing your bathtub and tiles will look brand new and last you for years to come. Make sure that your contractor takes optimum safety measures along with the aesthetic responsibilities that he needs to undertake. Things to keep in mind while hiring a contractor for refinishing: A professional bathtub and tile refinisher gives you services at home and other business areas around Coral Gables, Fl. The contractor uses the best materials available and treats the customer-centered services with a highly professional approach. You may look into your locality's contact directory and on the Internet for a refinishing company in Coral Gables, Fl who will take down your address and queries and reach you within a minimum amount of time for an on-site inspection after which they will give you...

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