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    Golden Beach Bathtub Refinishing & Tile Refinishing

    Bathing is a very delightful experience, which calms down our full body by giving one an opportunity to rest and rinse our bodies. Slipping into a scorching bathtub enables one to close the eyes, relax and have a serene time. But, when these bathtubs show cracks, our enjoyment is affected. To get back your pleasure, you need America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing service. We offer different types of bathtub refinishing services.

    Bathtub Refinishing Experts in Miami

    Does your dull and dated porcelain bathtub require a bathtub refinishing? Perhaps, your bathtub is in flawless shape; however the outdated paint does not suit your decorating mode. With our bathtub refurbishing, we may make your tub completely white or about any special color. Our work is completed in your house, within a few hours. This will not just save you 80 percent over your replacement expenditures, but your bathtub will appear and feel as new. Many people cannot realize the dissimilarity between a new bathtub and a new finish.

    Before And After

    Tub Remodeling in Golden Beach, FL

    There is one reason for which antique clawfoot tub resurfacingis very accepted. Such tubs were primarily intended for soaking and the users wish to calm down in them. Every person distinguishes the exceptionality of these tubs. We can refinish the interior parts of the container, or both the sides. The bathtubreglazing process of such tub involves an economical way to give charm to a lavatory.

    Fiberglass bathtub refinishing service

    Fiberglass bathtubs also sometimes look faded and scratched. Your bathtub may require some extra structural support under it. We have the proficiency to carry out such bathtub repair also. We make use of the best quality repair stuffs available. Besides, we can repair other kinds of tub difficulties resulting from damage or inappropriate installation.

    The procedure of bathtub resurfacing begins with a preparation of surface that comprises sanding and general cleaning. Then, a molecular bonding product is used before we give a number of coatings of acrylic topcoat. This creates a striking bathtub surface, which look great.

    Cultured Marble tub resurfacing

    The cultured marble tubs that swirl models were quite trendy. Such tubs are still accessible; however now these are generally manufactured in a solid paint. However, many of the cultured marble tubs are extremely weighty and hard to restore. But, we can perform tub refinishing perfectly as we are trained to do so. In addition to the tub refurbishing, we can also carry out tile refinishing for your modern bathroom.

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