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    Sink Refinishing in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

    Replacing an existing sink is time consuming and can get expensive. After refinishing your sink, it will look as good as new.

    Outdated color is a very common reason for sink refinishing. A lot of  houses made in South Florida, especially in the Broward and Miami area were made in the 80’s and 90’s. So as well as outdated color, chips and dull color are also common.  You would be very surprised how nasty a sink can start to look after a good decade of wear (trust us, we have seen it all.) After refinishing, the sink will look as good as new; all imperfections will be repaired and a glossy finish will be the final result. Returning your sink to its initial aesthetically pleasing quality.

    Refinishing your sink gives you the perfect opportunity to change the color of it without having to replace it. Which means that you can save a lot of your hard earned money. We have a state of the art refinishing process that is guaranteed. to be effective and affordable, so you can get your sink looking brand new again, without breaking the bank to have your sink completely replaced. This will make it o lot easier to match your existing or future décor.

    Before And After

    Whether we are talking about a kitchen or a bathroom sink in Miami, we can safely conclude that those accessories have an extremely important role regarding the overall comfort level that your home can provide for your family members and your guests. Sink Refinishing Miami offers you full sink refurbishing jobs that will allow you to keep your old sink without having to dish out a substantial amount of money while buying a new one. This is rarely the route that you want to take. Replacing your old sink does make sense on some occasion, but a refinishing job providing a top notch quality is usually the better choice.

    The sink refinishing process starts with a thorough cleaning

    Sink Refinishing Miami will make sure that your old sink is restored to its original quality and aesthetic appeal. We can achieve this by going through our four-step plan that starts with the cleaning process. In order for us to see every single little scratch and hole in the sink, we need to thoroughly clean it first. This will allow us to see every little damage that’s been done during previous years, the damage that we would continue with the next step.

    The sink etching process is just as important

    The primer will adhere more effectively to the surface if it still has some rough areas on it. This is a very important phase of the process because it prepares the surface for the priming process, which will be the soul of the whole procedure. The compound that we usually use for the etching itself is a kind of acid that will get the surface exactly the way that we like it, being ready for further steps.

    The etching is followed by the priming of the sink

     Once the surface has been roughed up a little with the chemicals, it is ready for the priming process. The goal here is to cover the old enamel as well as possible. This is very important before we would start the painting process. If the base is just not right, no matter how thorough we were during the painting, the end result won’t be as aesthetically appealing. We obviously cannot afford that, which is the reason why we do everything in our power to avoid it. This means that we always pay extra attention to this phase, fully realizing just how important it is from an overall efficiency standpoint.

    The painting is the cherry on the proverbial cake

    If everything goes well, the last phase – which is the painting – will be the finishing touch of the work. Using polyurethane gloss makes sense here because it allows the paint to not only dry extremely quickly, but it also gives a shiny aesthetic quality to it, which is preferable when it comes to sinks. It usually takes as many as three different layers to get the job done, with an average drying time of about 30 minutes between the different layers. The end result well worth the wait. Ultimately the sink should regain an aesthetic appeal with a brand new look.

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