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    Cutler Bay Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

    When you have a yucky tub, you must think of having a renovation project for the bathtub. Obviously, every individual want to have a bathe in a fresh, luxury bathtub, and for this reason, America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Company has come forward to help all the citizens of Cutler Bay.

    Countertop Refinishing

    Countertop refinishing helps restoring your kitchen or bathroom accessories to their previous glory. Whether we are talking about a small scratch or some stubborn stains and require a new layer, we never alleviate from our multi-step plan. The countertops – no matter the material – will go through a lot during their lifetimes. You prepare food on them, you put down chemicals on them, which means that their theoretical longevity will decrease and decrease each and every day. Luckily for you, it is entirely possible to restore them to their previous glory and even completely reglaze them if necessary.

    Before And After

    Tile refinishing

    Bathtub reglazing is one of our services that will not only create a completely serene atmosphere for you but also develop the overall aesthetics and worth of your bathroom. So, you can have a long-term benefit. When your tub is not as practical as you want it to be we can fulfill your wish.

    Besides, our sink, shower and bathtub repair are also possible if the finish has excellent condition while the damage is found to a few parts. Whether the surface is fiberglass, acrylic, marble or steel our specialists can easily repair these materials.

    Our tub refinishing experts can also install whirlpool jets in the existing bathtub. The whirlpool structure is simple and suitable to use. You do not need to have chemicals or maintenance works. Relieve your tension, strain, and painful sore muscles in the confidentiality of your own house.

    Bathtub refinishing is more advantageous than the replacement because

    • It is more reasonably priced
    • It needs less time
    • Removes cracks, dents and many other types of damage
    • You will have the same results
    • Offers your bathtub a stylish finish

    Bathtub refinishing

    Some individuals want to change their bathroom tiles because of old-fashioned shade, misplaced tiles, or the requirement for grout fixing. So, apart from bathtub resurfacing, we can update your tile as it is the smart remodeling scheme. The tile not only generates a durable, water-resistant spot, but also creates an innovative design statement.

    The tile refinishing works can give lots of things, as

    • Elegance
    • Innovation
    • Trendiness and many more

    Sink refinishing

    Sinks are obviously extremely important in our home, allowing us to keep ourselves and our kitchen as clean as possible. Regardless of the material that your sink was made out of, we can apply several different methods to achieve top notch aesthetic appeal and functionality even years or decades after the original purchase.

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