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    Indian Creek Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

    Bathtubs are the most used bathroom apparatus, which does not get a lot of attention from us. It mostly remains uncared for and it is for this reason that bathtub repair becomes much more of a necessity. We at America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing are a team of experts in repairing and bathtub refinishing. We have a record of working for some of the biggest hotels and corporate agencies and giving their bathtubs a fresh new look with a little work on it. Now you might have a few questions, let’s answer it.

    Before And After

    Why choose tub refinishing in Indian Creek, FL?

    After a few years of usage, your bathtub loses its previous glamour and suffers from dents and cracks. You may wish for a new bathtub but remember that a new bathtub is going to cost you a fortune. Other than that you will also incur a hefty plumbing cost because the old bathtub has to be ripped off along with its pipelines and everything and when the new one will be installed, you will again have to reinstall the pipelines and everything. Refinishing of the existing bathtub however saves you from all these hassles and will also cost less than installing a new one. You will get as good as new bathtub and you can again use it within a day unlike installing a new one. It is cost effective and is the main reason why everyone is going for bathtub resurfacing instead of buying a new one.

    Why choose America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing?

    We have a history of working in the field of bathtub repairing for many years. We have worked for some of the most reputed organization over the years. Our team comprises of a group of skilled people who know how to treat your bathtub with care. When you hire us, you will never need to worry about your bathtub. You will get it back as good as new without any damage. Moreover, there is an important matter of fumes. Most of the no advanced companies do not use absorbers for the harmful fumes of the chemical, which might have a bad impact on your health. But we care for the health of our customers. We use the finest quality of absorbers, which absorbs the fumes as we work. So the result is that we will work in a closed bathroom and you would not even know that we are working.

    Bathtub reglazing and tile refinishing are something that we are passionate about and believe only in providing our customers with the best service possible.

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