Using a Cost Effective Alternative Doesn’t Mean You Have to Sacrifice Quality When It Comes To Tile Refinishing


When your tile starts to look dull and outdated you might decide that you want to update it and bring a new look to your space. The problem comes in when you see how much it costs to get all of the old tile torn out and replaced. That price tag is enough to make anyone decide that they would much rather just keep the outdated tiles. There is a much easier and more affordable option that will look just as amazing and last a long time.

That option is to refinish the tiles instead of replacing them completely. This may seem daunting to someone who has never done it or never seen what it can look like in the end. In recent years, the products sold that help you refinish your tiles have greatly improved in both the lasting power and the finished look. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the same quality in the finished product.

There are different ways to refinish tiles and some of the options out there definitely last longer than others. For example, there is a huge difference between simply painting the tiles and actually taking the steps to properly refinish them. Painting is generally not a good option because it doesn’t look as good from the beginning and it doesn’t last as long.

The first thing you should remember to do is prep the tub and the surrounding area by cleaning and covering anything that you don’t want covered in the refinishing product. Secondly, you’ll need to sand the bathtub to remove the old finish and create a surface for the new finish to adhere to. You will also have to repair any cracks or rust. You will then be ready to finish it. After that is done you will need to let it cure for the amount of time on the specific product you use. Which is usually at least twenty-four hours.

Tile refinishing can completely revamp the look of them and change an area for the better. It has gained popularity among homeowners because of this as well as the fact that it is less expensive and simple. Because refinishing is such a good quality option, people have started noticing that there is no reason to replace the tile entirely unless you are completely remodeling. Overall, refinishing the tiles is going to give you an amazing quality result.


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