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General Refinishing/Re-glazing Process

The general refinishing process is as follows; with some variations depending on the original surface we will be working on:
  • Preparation: The key to achieving an excellent result lies in thorough preparation. We start by pre-treating the original surface with a chemical cleaning process, followed by an acid wash and etching to ensure optimal adhesion.
  • Repairs: Any imperfections such as chips, scratches, cracks, or rust are meticulously repaired to ensure a seamless finish.
  • Masking: Areas that will not be refinished are carefully masked off to protect them during the process.
  • Primer Application: The next step involves the application of our special primer. Acting as a bonding agent, this primer is allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes before proceeding.
  • Final Coating: Following the primer, we apply two coats of our high-gloss final coat. This top-of-the-line polyurethane acrylic material ensures a durable finish that retains its color over time.
  • Ventilation: To maintain a safe working environment, a powerful exhaust system is installed to vent fumes to the outside.
  • Caulking Replacement: As part of our service, we also remove old caulking and replace it after the refinishing process is complete.
  • Drying Time: Your fixtures will be completely dry within just 24 hours, allowing you to resume regular use quickly.
  • Result: The result is a smooth, glossy finish that will stay looking great for years to come. This finish is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain.
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