What Are The Different Options For Refinishing Your Bathtub?

Bathtub Refinishing Blog Post

Home improvements can be extremely expensive and replacing an entire bathtub can be way up on the list as far as price goes. One way to give the bathroom the effect of a new bathtub without the price tag is to simply refinish the tub. This is a possible option if your tub is porcelain, fiberglass, or cast-iron but not if it is plastic or the like.

The size of the job will vary indefinitely. It may be necessary to refinish the entire tub in some cases whereas in others it could only be small areas of the tub. It all depends on the level of damage and how worn out your bathtub is before the project is started.

Refinishing a tub is like refinishing a car in a few ways. Damaged and uneven surfaces are etched and sometimes filled with putty, the tub is primed, then painted with a special enamel. You will be shocked at the before and after of your bathtub. Sometimes even a good, old polish can bring your tub back to its former glory.

The best option for refinishing your bathtub is to hire a trained professional to do the job for you. This will ensure that the end product is something that you can be proud of and you don’t run the risk of completely screwing up the entire tub. A professional will use better quality materials then you can find for DIY refinishing and they will do a more thorough job overall.

Another option is to do it yourself with a refinishing kit that you can find at hardware stores. However, this is not the best option because it can end up disastrous if you don’t know what you’re doing. The finish can bubble or not adhere all together if the tub is not washed thoroughly beforehand and you can end up with a messy, terrible looking bathtub.

Overall, it is simply the best choice to hire a trained professional for this project because it will actually save you money in the long run. This is because you will experience much less peeling and fading with a professional job as opposed to a DIY job. You will also get a cleaner, more exact job then you will probably be able to achieve on your own.

Whatever method you may choose, refinishing your bathtub can make a world of a difference in your bathroom and make the entire room look classier and updated. A tub makes up a large portion of your bathroom so you might as well make it look great!


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