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Bal Harbor Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

The most popular design when it comes to bathroom redesigning is the spa experience look. People want to feel pampered from the first moment they set foot in their bathroom and for this they are willing to pay large sums of money. But a professional eye can have a different approach on the entire redesign process, so here are some ideas you can use for redesigning your bathroom.

Before And After

A white oasis

What are the prominent colours in a SPA? Cream, ivory and white. A lot of white! This is because white promotes peace of mind and leads the mind towards a relaxation state. If you don’t have this colour in your old bathroom, call our professionals, have a tub refinishing and repainting to reach the peaceful white.

Natural light can change everything

When it comes to bathroom redesigning, Bal Harbor bathtub & tile refinishing specialists can help you find the best ways to add more natural light into your bathroom. This will make the white walls and furniture stand out and promote the SPA feel.


There is nothing like a minimal look when it comes to a relaxing room. Gather all the clutter in your bathroom and use storage spaces to hide these small items. A vanity with a lot of drawers will do the trick and help you keep the room as serene as possible. Make sure you work on keeping the room neat, so gather all the towels and other items you use during a bath to keep the room clutter free.

Use plants to change the atmosphere

Flowers can do a long way when it comes to that SPA look: use potted flowers to change the air and the look of your bathroom. The flowers will revive the room and will promote a fresh atmosphere. Being close to nature is also very helpful during your relaxation sessions.

If you can’t keep potted plants in the bathroom, turn to vase flowers. Bamboo is also great, as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Engage all your senses

A spa is always focusing on all your senses, so make sure you can play some music in your new bathroom. The sounds of the nature or a special relaxing tune can help you meditate and relax completely during a bath, which is what you want to achieve in your new spa-designed bath.

If you have troubles using these tips call the Bal Harbor bathtub & tile refinishing professionals to benefit from their experience.

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