Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub

refinsh or replace your bathtub

If you start to notice that the quality of your bathtub is beginning to degrade you have a couple of options to choose from in order to resolve the issue which is either to refinish or replace your bathtub. Many people instantly jump to the assumption that once a bathtub begins to degrade in quality they must replace it. This is not true however due to a very effective and cost-efficient repair method known as refinishing.

Refinishing Your Bathtub

Refinishing is a reparation method that uses proprietary cleaning solutions in addition to specially formulated bonding agents. These special chemicals allow bathtub restoration service providers to fully restore old bathtubs and return them to their old condition with ease. When you notice that your bathtub is declining in condition it can be difficult to determine whether it’s best to totally replace or simply restore your bathtub.

Even cracks and chips in your bathtubs’ surface can be repaired so these are not sole reasons that warrant a complete replacement of your bathtub. Due to the fact that refinishing methods have become highly advanced in recent years the need for totally replacing your bathtub has become almost nonexistent.

Replacing Your Bathtub

In some cases where there is extreme damage or faulty pipe work beneath the surface you may want to consider totally replacing your bathtub. However, if you simply want to change the color or remove set-in dirt from your bathtubs surface then refinishing may be the best method to choose. In conclusion, every situation is obviously going to be different however if you notice a structural issue in your bathtub assess how large the problem truly is.

If your pipes are not squeaking and throwing out discolored water then bathtub refinishing may be the best option for you. If the problems you are facing directly interfere with the operation of your bathtub then it may be time to completely replace the structure.


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