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Just like any appliance or machine, time and consistent use can begin to take its toll on the overall quality of your bathtub. In past decades it was common to just replace your bathtub when you begin to notice signs of material deterioration. However, in today’s time there are many more options which you can choose from to resolve issues affecting your bathtub without having to resort to completely replacing the unit.

Get the Job Done

This process is known as refinishing or reglazing and takes place by using a variety of different chemical agents. If you plan on refinishing your bathtub independently or want to cut down on costs associated with the process, it’s best that you know what type of tools you will need in order to get the job done.

Below we’re going to detail some of the tools that you’ll need to successfully complete a bathtub refinishing job.

Tools Needed:

Fisheye Eliminator- this helps eliminate the holes that pop up through new paint applications. This will help the new paint go on smoothly and it removes aesthetic issues with the paint itself.

Facemask- this will help keep your lungs safe from potential pollutants that may lie within the substances used to complete the refinishing process.

Air filter- this will remove any loose particles in the air which may arise due to the refinishing process.

HVLP Spray Gun- this will allow you to easily apply a new bathtub coating easily. This tool also makes sure that the coating is evenly applied in order to avoid lumps in the finished surface.

3M PPS Paint Preparation System- this will allow you to properly prepare all the required substances needed in order to complete your refinishing job successfully.

These tools are the most important components required in order to successfully complete any bathtub refinishing job. Go online and find a high-quality product provider who will be able to provide you with all of the tools that you need.


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