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    Have you ever had to step into a bathtub and either almost slipped with one foot in or barely been able to get your leg over the side? Well, you aren’t alone. Bathroom falls are one of the most common causes of accidents at home, especially for those who have limited mobility. According to a recent study by the Council of Aging, more than 250,000 accidents occur each year to Americans aged 60 years or older in and around the bathtub area. Two thirds of adults that fall in the bathtub area will fall again within a six-month period. This can be a very scary situation for a senior citizen who is living at home by themselves. Don’t worry though, there is a cost effective resolution!

    Normally, many would turn to an entire tub/bathroom renovation. Well, converting your bath to a shower can be a tireless and messy process. So what is a good, cost-effective, time-saving answer to this safety concern? America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing offers a great rebuttal. A bathtub safety step makes access to a refreshing wash safe and easy. There are many benefits of converting the large tub wall into a convenient step. Those that can’t move around as swiftly can put their mind to ease with the following –

    • A decreased possibility of falling
    • Thousands of dollars in saved money
    • Professional installation that decreases the headache of the mess that comes with a renovation (ripping out the tub, cleaning up the debris, purchasing a new shower, hiring a plumber, etc.)
    • Ability to work with any type of tub (fiberglass, steel or cast iron).
    • Saved time taking only one day to install

    Our Solution is the Way to Go

    Hiring a professional that is certified to make the pertinent changes required and install this step can be incredibly beneficial. Located near Hialeah, Florida? Check out America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing. Our 5 star rating comes from the quality of product as well as customer service we provide. Offering only skilled workers, we ensure that you won’t be out of a bathtub or bathroom for any extended period of time by cutting the required area of your tub and securing the new step in place in no time at all.

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