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    Tile and Bathtub Refinishing in Sunrise, FL

    Whether you need a quick and thorough bathtub refinishing in Sunrise or your old tiles reached the point of no return and conventional methods simply doesn’t help you anymore, we are confident that we are the service that you need. At American Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Corp we don’t believe in half measures and that is one of the many reasons why we are renowned for the quality that we can provide to esteemed customers. Our refinishing jobs will bring back the old glory of your bathroom and kitchen while bringing out your home’s aesthetic potential and increasing your bathtub’s, tiles’ or countertop’s longevity.

    That aesthetic appeal and increased durability will also add to your home’s property value which is a very important standpoint to many of our customers. If you need a bathtub repair in Sunrise we can offer you a free estimate which will include every expense. You won’t find any hidden fees in our offers, we can guarantee you that. On top of that, we will only use the highest quality materials during our work to ensure that certain standard that we always aim for.

    Our company has extended – over a decade experience in remodeling and refinishing, and we put that expertise to use in each and every one of our assignments. If you need a bathtub reglazing in Sunrise, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything in our power to not only complete the task that you assigned to us, but to do in a way that will make the end result every bit as good as you have imagined before contacting our service.

    Why choose refinishing over replacement?

    The most common reason is money. To be quite frank, it is a very good reason. Especially when we are talking about bathtub refinishing vs. replacement, the costs can end up at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Taking out a bathtub is problematic because it often gets put in right around the time of the initial construction works, making it basically part of the base. This often means that not only you have to break the tiles around him, but there is a chance that you have to break some concrete as well. Just a money and time consuming procedure which makes refinishing a much more sensible approach. Our company can deliver you the same kind of quality and durability, making the old bathtub look like it just came off the shelves.

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