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    Pompano Beach Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

    If you want to give some more comfort to your guests or dear ones, maintain the condition of your bathtub with the refurbishing service. While they make use of your newly renovated bathtub, they may not find the difference of your existing tub and the new tub. Do not get surprised when people begin to comment on your wonderful tub after looking at your lavatory.

    Here at America Bathtub, we focus on bathtub resurfacing in Pompano Beach. Always remember the fact replacing a tub is pricey as well as time consuming. This involves all the plumbing systems and may take some weeks to get completed. So, we generally recommend the customers to go for bathtub refinishing.

    Before And After

    Professional solution is better than DIY

    The best bathtub refurbishing solution must offer a uniform look and very glossy or smooth surface, which is parallel to what your new tub can show. When you apply DIY refinishing kits, you may not duplicate the lustrous finish, which a professional renovating service can provide.

    The procedure of tub refinishing comprises all-embracing preparation, with particular fillers for cracks, primers and also the skill to properly apply the acrylic finishes, which dry quickly.

    Using a simple tub revamping kit will not give you the best outcomes. You also will not get the durability assurance that our refinishing experts offer you.

    How we are unique in the refinishing job

    A significant thing that you have to understand is that we never do a simple paint job. In fact, we use any color that you like for matching the remaining part of your lavatory. However, what we do cannot be referred to as painting. Rather, we are utilizing something, which like liquid porcelain. With this substance, we want to give your bathtub a glossy finish. Besides, our tub resurfacing service includes-

    • Elimination of the present caulk.
    • A process of cleaning that engages 2 steps in order to take out the dirt, oil or soap froth
    • A non-acid secure bonding element is utilized to make sure that the coating can last.
    • More than two advanced acrylic urethane coatings to guarantee that there is even surface

    Bathtub is not the only thing with which we deal.  If the tiles become scratched and cracked, our tile refinishing team can take care of it. In earlier days, tile replacement was the only option. But, now your tiles can be re-colored, reglazed and restored.

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