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    Plantation Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

    Whenever you think of any remodeling plan, you perhaps become concerned on the cost of implementing the project. However, if it is a bathroom tub, then refurbishing the tub can be the most inexpensive solution for you. At America Bathtub in Plantation, you can rely on the experts for any solution of tub or tile. In every project, our clients get the best materials that are accessible in the market. Our employees have completed a thorough training program to do the works of tub refinishing, restoring, re-coloring and reglazing all kinds of surfaces like porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, formica, plastics, metals and many more.

    Before And After

    Porcelain Tub repair

    Even with normal daily use, the porcelain finish of a tub may turn out to be dull, hard to clean and leaky after fifteen to twenty years. Moreover, the application of the abrasive cleaning agents can also corrupt the surface more quickly. The tubs may also be cracked easily, and thus, you need porcelain bathtub refinishing.

    We can repair porcelain bathtub to restore or mend porcelain tubs beautifully. Our techniques can also alter the tub color to compliment your decorating project.

    Fiberglass tub repair

    It has been done generally to renovate the showers, bathtubs or shower units. Fiberglass often turns into a dull look after some years. It may become worse and can show ugly stress cracks and also structural splits.

    Fortunately, we can revamp those cracks, prevent the leaks and bring back the original color. With the most sophisticated materials and resins, we can reconstruct and patch any damage or crack. All the repairs, done by our experts are specifically intended to do up the structural or surface cracks, occurred in the base of fiberglass bathtubs. We have also the expertise to mend a fiberglass bathtub and we may also modify the color, with various paints.

    Clawfoot tub restoration

    The refinishing of these tubs may reinstate the true charm as well as beauty to your antique restroom and pedestal sinks.

    All antique lavatory equipments are such things, which deserve a knowledgeable craftsman in order to re-establish them. Our unique procedure may make the porcelain finish glossier and brighter as a new product. Even porcelain cracks or chips may also be fixed. Our experts have refurbished hundred- year old antique tubs with cast iron bathtub resurfacing.

    For tile refinishing also, you can call us. We can reglaze any tile for reproducing the appearance of your original kitchen or bathroom tiles.

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