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    Pembroke Pines Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

    Bathtubs are one of the important accessories in any bathroom, may get cracked at any time. But, you need the tub at that moment. It is the time to repair the tub or to remove all the ugly stains from your old tub. Tub refinishing is one of the faster options to give a new look to your bathroom.

    At America Bathtub, we, as the tub refinishers of Pembroke Pines can treat your bathtub by removing all the chips, mold, rust and blemishes that have developed in due course. Do not expend more than what you require for remodeling bathroom. Save with our refinishing services, and assign the remaining money of your budget for some other purposes. We know that bathtub renovating is an affordable bathroom makeover option to change a bathtub, which is damaged, worn out, or just has wrong color.

    Before And After

    Our effective cleaning agent and repairing experts

    Our non-acid bathtub restoring procedure enables in the guaranteed renovation of fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, or marble tubs. At first, your bathtub is systematically cleaned by means of uniquely created two-step cleaners in order to eliminate the soap scum, the deposits of mineral, and also the oils. Then, we repair all the chips and cracks. Our effective bonding agent is used to guarantee a solid link between the new and old surface. Ultimately, our trained experts make use of a spray to apply the best quality strong acrylic coating.

    We are the only bathtub refinishing experts, who can consistently polish the refinished tub. It is an additional step, which can intensify the gloss. It also makes sure that the finish can be very smooth. Not all tub-renovating businesses are same. Besides, if we refinish the bathtub, then it will increase the life of that tub for about ten to fifteen years. However, you need to take the right level of care as well as maintenance.

    Create a neat look with restored tiles

    We can also do the tile refinishing job. Many people like to restore their tile because of the faded color, the necessity of repairing grout or lost tiles. Updating the tile is, in fact, the smartest project for remodeling because the tiles not only generate a waterproof space but also creates an innovative design. Do not deal with the untidiness bathroom that is created due to the broken tiles on floor or wall. Call our bathtub resurfacing team at America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing immediately as we provide a simpler and less muddled option! Refinishing rather than replacing the tile will save you!

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