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    Parkland America Bathtub

    At American Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Corp we like to cover our bases. This means that we look at each phase of the process as an essential building block that together will add up to something great. Whether you need a bathtub reglazing in Parkland or your kitchen countertop has lost its old charm, we are quite confident that we have what it takes to turn back the clock and offer you a beautiful yet affordable refinish. Our procedures generally make sense for those who like their kitchen or bathroom accessories both from an aesthetic and practical standpoint; they just need them to be freshened up a little, or even a lot.

    We feel that it is important to note that our methods are not part of a glorified maintenance program. We offer real quality for an affordable price. We will not just make that countertop or kitchen sink look like a brand new one, we will essentially turn them into one. On top of bringing the looks, they will also have the durability of a brand new product. Our procedures are as much about material quality as they are about aesthetic appeal. One cannot rule out the other and we always do everything in our power to offer you the perfect blend.

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    Our process in a nutshell

    If you need a bathtub refinishing in Parkland, we are fairly confident that you will like our methods. For us preparation is everything. It doesn’t matter how well we do each phase after it, if the preparation is not there. The pre-treat of the material is what will support the whole procedure that will follow. For that we use very effective chemicals and if you want us to, we can also offer you greener alternatives. We remove the rust and tidy up any cracks or scratches on the surface before we would apply our special kind of primer. The primer acts as a bonding agent before the procedure continues with the fume venting, after which we finish it all with the new coating that will give you a shiny and lasting outer layer.

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