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    Bathtub Refinishing North Miami

    In need of a bathtub reglazing in North Miami? If that is indeed the case, we would like to bring America Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Corp to your attention. Our service does all kinds of refinishing jobs in the homes of our esteemed customers, allowing us to make a difference in the Florida community. Where replacement fails or found to be too pricey, refinishing will usually come through. Our methods make a lot of sense to anybody who loves the setting of their home, but realized that it needs a little bit of aesthetic and practical facelift.

    The great thing about refinishing is that it won’t just bring back the aesthetic qualities of your sink or kitchen countertop, but will also be able to make them as sturdy and durable as they originally were, many years ago. Choosing replacement over refinishing makes sense when you want a new, bigger bathtub or a new countertop from a completely different material, but if you like your current set-up and just realized it needs some freshening up, choosing our methods is not just a viable option, it is the right one.

    Before And After

    Our detailed services include, but not limited to:

    Bathtub refinishing: If you need bathtub reglazing in North Miami we are quite confident that choosing our service is one of the better options that you can make. Our multi-step programs will leave your old bathtub with the aesthetic and practical qualities of a brand new model; in fact, in some cases ours will be even stronger than the factory version.

    Tile refinishing: Just like when you need a bathtub repair in North Miami, we will also be able to help you out in case you need some tile refinishing. Our ceramic re-tiling methods are quick and effective, leaving you with a quality that you will generally see with brand new, fresh off the shelves tiles.

    Countertop refinishing: Whether we are talking about your kitchen or your bathroom countertop, we are confident that we will be able to deliver you the quality that will allow you enjoy those accessories to their fullest, both from an aesthetic and a practical standpoint.

    Sink refinishing: Just like with the bathtub reglazing or the countertop repair, our sink refinishing methods will leave you with a final product that will essentially possess all qualities of a brand new one. It will look and feel like the original. Well, that is if you want it to. We can choose several different styles for the finishing layer, each bringing something different to the table.

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