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    Tile and Bathtub Refinishing in Miami

    America Bathtub Miami is your leading tile and bathtub refinishing company in Florida. Whether you need tile refinishing or sink refinishing, we are the service to call. We are renowned for our top-notch quality whether you need a sink or a bathtub refinishing and competitive prices. In our humble opinion, it’s not fair to drag our customers through a financially taxing process that the replacement of those accessories would result in, especially when there are state of the art bathtub renovation methods available.

    At this day and age, we are able to restore that bathtub or those tiles to a quality that rivals the one they first arrived in, many years ago into your home.

    Now obviously, there are exceptions to those rules. When a sink is beyond damaged for example, replacement remains pretty much the only viable option for you. It’s actually possible to renovate a bathroom sink even if it is broken in half, but does it make sense? That is debatable. Most of the time however, our bathroom refinishing and restoration process is perfectly capable of turning your old and used sinks, counters, tiles, or bathtubs into something that is reminiscent of a brand new product both from an aesthetic and practical standpoint.

    Countertop Refinishing

    Countertop refinishing helps restoring your kitchen or bathroom accessories to their previous glory. Whether we are talking about a small scratch or some stubborn stains and require a new layer, we never alleviate from our multi-step plan. The countertops – no matter the material – will go through a lot during their lifetimes. You prepare food on them, you put down chemicals on them, which means that their theoretical longevity will decrease and decrease each and every day. Luckily for you, it is entirely possible to restore them to their previous glory and even completely reglaze them if necessary.

    Before And After

    Tile refinishing

    Tiles will get damaged and they will get dirty within a relatively short amount of time. It matters how frequently we clean our kitchen or bathroom, but if it can be scratched, if it can get dirty, it will. We cannot do anything to save it from the long term damage, but of course the degree and time of the damage will be entirely dependent on our living habits. That doesn’t mean the tiles need to be replaced. Our restoration program will turn back the collective clock on those tiles.

    Bathtub refinishing

    There are occasions when replacing the bathtub instead of bathtub refinishing remains the only viable solution. More often than not however, we can actually salvage and refinish your bathtub and turn them into something that can only be rivaled by brand new products. Our multi-step bathtub refinishing plan involves the thorough cleaning of the tub, along with a new coating layer that is preceded by the sanding and repair of the bathtub before the finishing coating layer is applied. Bathtub refinishing is one of the most affordable options.

    Sink refinishing

    Sinks are obviously extremely important in our home, allowing us to keep ourselves and our kitchen as clean as possible. Regardless of the material that your sink was made out of, we can apply several different methods to achieve top notch aesthetic appeal and functionality even years or decades after the original purchase.

    Bathroom Safety-step

    Our Bathroom safety-step solution allows us to offer you an extremely safe, bathroom environment where quality bathing is possible even for those with reduced mobility.

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