When should I consider installing a bathtub safety step in Sunrise, FL?


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More than seventy percent of household accidents take place in the bathroom.  But, this figure mostly pertains to the aged persons.  It is a fact that your body will become less responsive with the growth of age. If you are one of the elderly persons, or your loved ones have become aged, it is essential to recognize all the different safety devices, which may be fitted in a bathroom in order to help in preventing household accidents.

The aged persons and the kids face no risk with the safety step

Bathtub safety step is one such item that can add protection and firmness while you are getting in or out of a bathtub. It has a textured top, which is resistant to slip, and the rubberized feet of the product enable the users to boldly climb over the wall of tub of, even in damp conditions. Besides, the additional steps may be installed on top, inserting two inches for every step. These steps can support maximum 418 pounds. Seniors may get stuck in the bathtubs. Here, bath lifts will prevent it. These are electric powered or water powered lifts, which will move an individual from sitting down to base of the tub and back out once more. These lifts are perhaps the only means to get down into their bathtub for people, who cannot physically handle everything easily. They not only assist a senior to take pleasure in a nice bath, buy also enhance security of getting out of the tub.

For kids also, there is a need to install safety step stools or toddler’s bathroom accessories. Thus, all these devices are really the cost effective solution because you do not need to replace anything.

Install the step with the professionals

The trained professionals of America Bathtub & Tile Refinishing courteously and easily manage your installation process. Thus, you are free to utilize your new step from the next day. Besides, some other advantages are-

  • Saves lots of money by avoiding the typical expenditure of a complete bathtub refurbishing
  • Deals with existing steel, cast iron or fiberglass tub
  • Successful installation by means of the trained installers or experts
  • No weeks or days of disturbance to your bathroom

Besides installing a safety step for a tub, the professionals can also do the works of bathtub repair, sink reglazing, tile reglazing and countertop reglazing and so on. Thus, for whatever need you have for your bathroom, you can call the best service providers in Sunrise, FL.


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