General Refinishing/Re-glazing Process

The general refinishing process is as follows; with some variations that will depend on the original surface that we will be working on:

  • An excellent result depends on the preparation process.
  • We pre-treat the original surface by chemically cleaning and etching it.
  • Any required repairs of rust, cracked tiles, chips or scratches are made.
  • We mask the areas that will not be refinished.
  • The following step is the spraying of a special primer which acts like a bonding agent that we let stand for 10-15 minutes before applying the final refinishing coats. This is a polyurethane acrylic type of material that has a high gloss finish and is very durable.
  • A powerful exhaust system is put into place to vent fumes to the outside.
  • Our service will also include the removal of old caulking and putting new after refinishing is done.
  • Your fixtures will be completely dry in just 24 hours.
  • The materials used are top-of-the-line quality. That is the reason why we can offer you a lifetime warranty on most of our services.
  • The result is a smooth glossy finish that will stay looking great for years and is easy to maintain.




  • Bathtub_Before & After1
  • Bathtub_Before & After2
  • Bathtub_Before & After3
  • Bathtub_Before & After4
  • Bathtub_Before & After5-01
  • Bathtub_Before & After6-01
  • Bathtub_Before & After7-01
  • Bathtub_Before & After8jpg-01
  • Tile_Before & After1-01
  • Tile_Before & After2
  • Tile_Before & After3-01
  • Counter_Before & After1
  • Sink_Before & After1-01
  • Sink_Before & After2-01
  • shower before and after


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