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Whether Chipped, Rusted, Cracked or just plain old...We Can Refinish It!

Whether you need a quick bathtub refinishing on your existing bathroom, or a complete makeover of your bathroom space, American Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Corp in Miami and Broward are willing and able to help. With satisfaction guaranteed and excellent customer service. We are sure that you will be happy with our work. We treat your home as it was our own, meaning we keep clean, map out a plan to cause little to no interruptions for you while the services are being completed. We have flexible scheduling to make sure you have little interruptions in your own life due to our service.

We can help you increase your property value on some of your homes most valuable and essential real estate, your kitchen and bathroom. Almost all of the money you invest in your kitchen and bathroom space will be a wise investment, since it is one of the only parts of your home that will maintain its value even at selling point. We’ve been in business long enough to give you a plethora of suggestions to get your space looking beautiful. Contact us at our contact form on the right or give us a call at our phone number above to get a free quote. Let us know the details and we’ll head over to your property and we will get the measurements we need to start working with you to design your space.

We have over a decade of experience remodeling and refinishing bathrooms in Miami and Broward, making our services some of the fastest and hassle free services in the Miami/Broward area. We have hundreds of options for you to choose from so the possibilities are endless. Due to the nature and stigma towards bathrooms cleanliness. We think it’s extremely important to have a beautiful bathroom space that looks clean. Its one of the main places your guests judge when viewing your house. Let one of our bathroom refinishing experts and designers help you get the look you have been dreaming of today. Call today for a free quote!



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Bathtub refinishing Miami is about restoration over replacement. The price of a bathtub itself isn’t necessarily sky-high, but putting it in your bathroom will almost surely cost you some serious bucks. First, you have to pay the contractor then the costly demolition, and of course a plumber as well. Most bathtubs are put in during the building’s initial construction, which makes removing them a tough task. Tough, not necessarily in the sense that it cannot be done quickly, because it can. It will however cost you, and the destruction could be significant. At the end you would probably realize that the total cost wasn’t necessarily worth it. Bathtub refinishing Florida gives you a legitimate option that will allow you to restore your existing bathtub to its previous glory instead of taking it out and replacing it with a new one.

Bathtub Refinishing: The refinishing process is fairly straightforward

One of the fairly common misconceptions about a reglazing job is thinking that in order for someone to do this job; they will need to remove the bathtub from its environment. Sometimes it can’t be done in any other way, but most refinishing jobs will take place on-site. Regardless of which exact method is needed for the reglazing job, several precautions will be made. We want to avoid not just the overspray but any serious dirt contamination while creating a safe and hygienic working environment in which we can finish the work without any hiccups, both for you and us.

 Sanding down the old one

Before we would even think about applying the new coating, we have to remove the old one. This is called sand-down, and the objective here is to create a surface as smooth as humanly possible.

 Getting rid of the aesthetic finishing problems

The next step is repairing the bathtub. The goal here is to take care of any small marks and holes by filling them up before the painting can take place. The coating itself always involves high-quality paint that will allow us to create a lasting, extremely durable top coat for the bathtub, naturally any color the customer would choose. Our objective here is always to create a top coat that is as durable as possible. This is not a mere paint job, but a carefully implemented coating work which is very difficult to achieve for anybody who doesn’t do this for a living.

 We use only the best materials and most efficient methods

During the working process, only the best materials are used with state of the art methods that have been developed for that purpose alone. The coating has to offer a lasting, fresh look that will be reminiscent of a brand new bathtub. The good news is that even if your bathtub has been reglazed in the past, another refinishing is also possible. Before we do that, however, we will of course strip down the old layer completely. Once that has been done, the method will pretty much remain the same, starting with the sand-down, then continue with the repair of nicks and holes and finishing up with the coating job itself.



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